Pecs-10 The stall (N.Campoverde)

The stall

the stall

One of the best moments was when we built up the stall together; we all collaborated, we shared the tasks and so we learned how to work in a team and won in the end!

It was great to do this with my team mates.

From this experience I learned that the history of jeans started in Genoa in 1500. Actually the name "blue de Genes" ("blue jeans") refers to a particular type of blue fabric used on ships by sailors.

We arranged our stall about the city of Genoa and our school in a small classroom. The stall was part of a race we participated to during the last day in Hungary (13/11/10) and we were so good at transforming a small classroom into "Genova", showing its food, fashion, culture and our school, that we won the competition.

Nathaly Campoverde