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Pecs-10 The prize (L.Contini)

The Prize

the prize

I chose this picture because it is maybe the most beautiful moment of my experience in Hungary.

Every single experience in the project involved me and my mates but the moment when we won the competition probably was the best.

After we won it, we had to choose one of the three cakes that the Hungarians gave us; we chose this one because it was maybe the nicest; we were in the gym of the Hungarian school, it was a nice and big place, where there were a lot of people, the Romanian guys, the Croatians, the Hungarians, the teachers of every single group, the jury of the competition and a local TV too.

I felt very good because I was proud of our goal, the Italian guys have been the best group of the competition.

I learned from this and the other experiences a lot of things, I met a lot of people so the final feelings were good.

Luca Contini